A Preview of Call of Duty: Ghosts

The forthcoming Call of Duty installment is going to be much more interesting. More advanced gameplay and characterization offered by Call of Duty: Ghosts than other installments will make it one of the most sought after games. Players would be easily able to slide and lean.

One of the features that is anticipated from this game is the military dog which would accompany each player. Combat pets are a common feature in all games but how these pets can be used and the type of control the players have over them vary from game to game.

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Concept of the Game:

The premise of this new game is captivating. The game takes place in post-apocalyptic US. This country has been weakened to a great extent. There are only a few soldiers, CIA and FBI agents etc that try to defend the remnants of the country from all odds. These combat soldiers are known Ghosts who fight tooth and nail against the new one world organization.

Graphics Would Make this Game Realistic:

Though the concept of post-apocalyptic plot of the video games is not an innovation but the developers of the game have endeavored to make Call of Duty: Ghosts as realistic as possible with its graphics. The distinct feature of this game is the role of the underdog that players would take.

Developed by Infinity Ward:

The game is developed by Infinity Ward which is a well known name in the world of gaming. Also, Activision, an illustrious game publisher has published this game. The superior graphics by IW has promised superb graphics and next-generation player technology. IW has developed this game with 60 frames/second rate on all the platforms. However, there are some concerns that not all platforms would not be able to handle this graphic rate.

Next Generation Engine:

IW has promised to give an innovative next generation engine. This is the latest technology which would deliver a superb result making the graphics lifelike and realistic. There are several outfits, heads, bodies etc. for the players to choose. Players are also able to change the appearance of the character anytime. Everything from outfits to the bodies can be changed anytime. There is another good thing about the next generation engine that is being used in this game and that is: it enhances the multiplayer experience. Also, there are real time maps to keep the players updated about the calamities like earthquakes and floods. These events are caused by the users themselves and there are other users which are updated with the changes.

Single Player Mode:

All those players who want to combat against the environment or the animated enemies should go for a single player mode. The PC version of this game is anticipated to have relatively more players than gaming consoles.

Final Thought:

Call of Duty: Ghosts is sure to captivate you with its superior graphics and its new next-generation technology. There are several game shops both real and virtual which come up with discounted price on this game. So, the players can avail the opportunity and order their copy.

Infamous Second Son Playstation 4 Game

PlayStation 4 system was meticulously designed from the ground to offer game creators with the best platform where they can unleash their imaginations and creativity. Rightly so, the developers have played their part and are continuously coming up with new innovative games for both kids and the adults. Through the games, new play experiences that are better than the predecessors have been realized. With the best features such as the customized processor and 8GB system memory, there is no doubt that PS4 is the home of all games. The extremely innovative graphics and other amazing experiences make it the best source of entertainment.

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However, PS4 cannot be complete without mentioning some of the notable games that can be played on it. One of the most adored games for PSD4 is the Infamous Second Son which has been welcomed by the world with open arms. The game has the best features that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. The theme of the game creates fear, intrigue and tension while the PS4 exciting features make it even more captivating. The game features super humans that are surrounded by an entire society that has the biggest fear of them. It brings nothing but pleasure to watch these super humans being hunted down by the department of unified protection. They are continuously caged and chased by the protection group that has been given the mandate to protect the society from these super humans.

There is no doubt this captivating story will make you glued to the screen for a long time. PS4 enthusiasts of all age groups have continuously praised this game because of its entertaining features that can leave one begging for more. Delsin Row features as the leading attacker who uses all the possible means to search and hunt the super humans in all corners. His main objective is to save the society and all the ones he loves from the hands of the super humans. Because of the difficulties involved in his challenging role and duty, there are tough choices that he has to make to safeguard the future of all those looking upon him for help.

The infamous second son is definitely a step in the right direction for PlayStation 4. It is a big gigantic leap forward for those who have been waiting for a game that is as real as life events. The game is set after the real events of infamous 2 which took place years ago. It is based on the story of Deslin Row who had been given the mandate to direct and protect the society from any sort of danger. He was unique in many ways and had the ability to change into smoke the moment he has accomplished the mission of rescuing the occupants of a bus wreck.

The game was directed by famous director Nate Fox. He has meticulously mixed the running, jumping and different architecture designs to come up with the best presentation of a game. The game portrays the world as a jungle where the society has to have the right person to protect them from dangers and other forms of attacks.

DRIVECLUB – Racing Game of the Future

Playstation 4

Commonly abbreviated as PS4, PlayStation 4 is an integrative video game console courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment. A clear reflection of the current technology, PS4 has taken transformation a step further and it nowadays features top-notch playing capabilities to the most demanding players. And the list of the games currently available is equally amazing hence opening door for increased performance and operational gaming efficiency.


Announced at the PS4 press conference on 20th January 2013, Driveclub has marked the dawning of a new season for play station games. And anytime, this racing video game has reflected unmatched expertise in meeting the highest criteria of playing functionality and sturdiness crediting its overall performance. The game, much to its credit, differs from the Evolution Studio previous racing franchise in that it highly focuses on road racing as compared to the off-road.

DRIVECLUB for PS4And unlike Forza Motorsport or even Gran Turismo, the Driveclub racing game has not been classified as a racing simulator but rather as a great competition to Grid 2. However, what makes the racing game amazingly unique and able to keep up with task is its ability to create racing solutions end-to-end while at the same time extending its much celebrated compact design and functionality. Needless to say, this makes Driveclub socially connected and an ultimate next generation racing game which is able to capture the heart and soul of the racing culture and the passion it creates.

Thankfully, the game has been designed by experts in the field who understand what to eliminate and what to include to boost gaming performance and increase operational efficiency. Indeed, the game brings to life an increasingly immersive and authentic driving experience hence allowing players feel the exhilaration that comes with racing the most beautifully designed and integrative cars in the gaming industry. Perhaps this is one of the reasons the game has handled close interactions with players from all across the world, and still, it is increasing this investment.


Other PlayStation 4 Games

Essentially, PlayStation 4 marks the end of the 8th generation of console game. And anytime, featuring a simple AMD processor with the aim of attracting designers, developers and customers, the game is also working to increase and build its name across all ends. Perhaps this has been one of the reasons developers of reputable gaming products such as Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts II, Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed’s IV, Warframe, DC Universe Online, Elder Scrolls and many others have seen the need to integrate their games in the scope of PS4.

Luckily, PS4 has captured many other games and it’s currently a highly celebrated innovation and upgrade from the former PS3. And currently as it stands, this months old gaming product has been unparalleled in its field with its price reflecting a painstaking work involved. However, what remains the true beauty of PS4 has been the Driveclub which is by itself a game to follow for any undiscovered manoeuvres, turns and twists that come with a great racing game. And luckily, as many games lag in the implementation of interoperable systems that can increase customer experience and nurture performance, then, Driveclub has proven to solve these inefficiencies.


DualShock 4 Controller

Scheduled to release in November 2013, the PlayStation 4 is the ultimate gaming console designed to provide a “frictionless and seamless” gaming experience. It will be available in black and its angular design and plastic body is similar to the original PS3 design.

The Dual Shock 4 controller is wireless with familiar features of older models while incorporating new ways for the player to interact with the game and other players. The controller comes with a built in touch pad at the top of the controller which allows for easier game controlling. With built in speakers you can enjoy dual sound effects from the TV and the controller and it also has a headset jack to allow chats while in game play. The Dual Shock 4 controller boasts enhanced vibration motors which give the player a deeper sense of the game and its new shape is more ergonomic which makes it more comfortable to hold. The controller’s new stick and buttons allows for better control of the game and it also comes with a share button for live streaming of achievements in the game to Ustream or even uploading videos to Facebook. The LED light bar on the Dual Shock 4 controller changes colors to identify different players and notify players when their character takes a critical hit or is low on health.


PS4 Controller The PS4 allows for a more interactive gaming experience by recording players preferences, their likes and dislikes. Players can also view their friend’s gameplay and information uploaded by their friends or view recommended TV shows, movies or games. The PS4 also allows gameplay while games are downloading, a portion of the game downloads and the player can start playing while the rest downloads as gameplay progresses. The PS4 also comes with a downloadable app for iphones and android devices which connects your phone to your PS4 system. This allows you to download games or upload information to your PS4 directly from your phone. The PlayStation camera however is sold separately. The PlayStation has a sleek design and the systems USB ports are disguised. The PlayStation also includes a series of new games which will be released with the console such as Driveclub and Killzone: Shadow Fall and its other features include:-

  • Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Motion sensors
  • 8 GB memory
  • Built in hard disk
  • Super speed USB
  • PS4 camera

It is cheaper than other competing consoles and you can pre-order the new PlayStation 4 with its Dual Shock 4 controller which was designed specifically to combine new games and features to create the ultimate gaming experience never before possible.

When the PS4 be Available?

At the Gamescom conference in Germany, Sony announced that it will release the PS4 on November 15 in the US and Canada. This is the first announcement about a release date between the two major consoles – the Playstation 4 and the XBOX One. While Microsoft was silent, it is to be expected that the XBOX One will be released in November and will go head to head with the PS4 for the upcoming holiday season.

Earlier it was announced that the price of the PS4 would be $399. You can even preorder the game system today at stores such as Amazon.com. Order today and you will have it on the official launch date!

In all, the console will be released in 30 countries!  As stated, it will release in the United States and Canada, followed by Europe over the next two weeks.

If the future is like the past, the struggle for dominance and market share in the video game sector between the PS4 and Xbox One will be played out over the next seven or eight years. And, with their announcements Tuesday both highlighting new titles and exclusive game bundles and features, both Microsoft and Sony completely get that it’s content that ultimately matters to gamers.

Sony also announced at the conference that it will have 33 game titles out by the end of the year.  There are a reported 180 games in current development for the PS4.  With a price cheaper than the XBOX One and an official launch date set up for the system, it looks like Microsoft is already playing catch up to Sony.

Some of the games are the latest in new game releases such as Call of Duty Ghosts, Gran Turismo 6, Assassins Creed IV Black Flag, and EA Sports latest soccer release Fifa 14.