How Much Does a PS4 Cost

The limited time price of the PS4 is just $399!  You can pre-order it today here for this low price.

Playstation 4 carries forward the legacy of a brand that is known for its innovation, creations, and as leaders of the industry.  With all the innovations and technology packed in PS4, it makes a bold step forward for the company launching its eighth generation game console.

The video gaming console has a completely different architecture, offers cloud-based gaming, and state-of-the-art controllers that makes it an amazing place to play your games.  Playstation 4 has been designed to make the content of games a lot better and it offers you most personalized gaming experience available today.  In short, PS4 lives up to its legacy by delivering the most powerful gaming platform ever.

How Much Will PS4 Cost

Hardware of the New Playstation 4

The cell architecture of the Playstation 3 was highly complicated and this made it tough for many developers to provide enough support for the system.  PS4 has been designed from scratch and features a simpler AMD processor.  This allows the creator of the games a better opportunity to use their imagination for creating games of the future.

Graphics of the PS4

Power for running the graphics in the PS4 comes from the semi-customized APU (accelerated processing unit).  This APU combines the function of CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (graphics processing unit).  It was developed by joint cooperation of AMD and Sony.  This APU uses Jaguar architecture of AMD and features an 8 core processor, with GPU giving 1.84 TFLOPS of peak performance.  The graphic engine is based on next-generation AMD Radeon.  This video game console contains GDDR5 memory of 8 GB.  The maximum bandwidth achieved by memory is nearly 176 GD/s and this makes it 16 times the RAM available in PS3.

Controllers for the PS4 System

PS4 Controller

The primary controller of the Playstation is the DualShock 4.  It would connect to the console using Bluetooth, just like its predecessor, but it has many new features to enhance your gaming experience.  This controller offers you new ways to other players and interact with games.

Touchpad:  The capacitive touch pad on the top of the controller gives you an opportunity to interact with games and play them in a completely new way.

Light Bar:  There are four LEDs of different colors on the controller that allow you to recognize players easily.  It allows you to view various gaming information like when a character has sustained major damage or when it’s getting low on health.

Share Button:  This feature allows you to share your wins and achievements by uploading to Facebook your recorded videos or by streaming you game play live to Ustream.

Built-in Headset Jack and Mono Speaker:  These features allows you to enjoy great quality sound effects from the controller as well as TV.  With the use of the bundled headset, you get the ability to chat with your friends online while playing.

Better Design:  The new design of the DualShock 4 has improved ergonomics and it allows a more comfortable hold over the controller.  The new buttons and analog sticks allow precision control while playing.

Improved Vibration:  There are several multiple vibration motors that offer the gamer a higher degree of experience when playing the games.

Features of the Playstation 4

Easy to Share Options
PS4 allows the gamer to download and upload in the background.  This way you can download games and update console when you are playing the game.  It is easier to create fast video clips and share with your friends in the PS network.  With the Playstation 4, you can easily stream your game play sessions instantly.  All you need to do to share, is push the SHARE button and scan the minutes of game play your want to share.  Tag your selection and start playing again.  The selected video would keep uploading as you play.  By using this feature, you can share game play video of the last 15 minutes and to sites such as Youtube, Facebook, and various other social networking site.

Dual Cameras
The new Playstation comes with two cameras of 1280×800 pixel capacity.  This feature of dual cameras allows several operational modes that would depend on the target application.  Both of the cameras are suitable to use for depth-sensing of objects that are in their field of vision.  Another way is to use one camera for the video image generation and other camera for motion tracking.

Playstation App
With the use of Playstation App, gamers will get the ability to enable their iPad, iPhone, Android based smartphones and tablets to act as a second screen of their PS4 System.  After the app is installed on these devices, players can purchase games, view in-game items, and remotely view the game play of gamers that are plying on other devices.  With the use of this app gamers, can download games directly to the console after purchasing them.

Live Broadcasting
This feature allows the gamers the ability to browse through different titles of videos that their friends are playing at that time from their PS4 interface.  Then by using microphone inputs and cross-game camera, they can watch and help them in overcoming tough obstacles.

Games for the PS4

PS4 allows you to use Playstation Plus, a membership service that offers you unparalleled gaming experience.  The Playstation Plus brings gamers and games together to energize a new generation of gaming experience.  By joining this service, gamers will get access every month instant Game Collection.  These are the to rated innovative and blockbuster Indie games that are downloadable directly through their Playstation 4 consoles.  Playstation Plus would also give access to exclusive multiplayer experience for all types of players.

Another feature that Sony is contemplating to offer the gamer, is the ability to access cloud-based emulation.  Sony acquired Gaikai cloud-base streaming service back in July 2012.  The company is planning to launch this service that would allow players to play games over the internet as the games would be streamed to Vita and PS4.

The games of PS4 that have been announced so far are – Destiny, Deep Down, Diablo III, Final Fantasy, Driverclub, Knack, Watch Dogs, etc.

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What is the Price of the PS4?

Though the release date of the PS4 is not confirmed officially by Sony, you can pre-order the system for only $399. Click Here to pre-order it today!

Playstation 4

The current price of the DualShock 4 controller is set at just $59.

playstation 4 control

Playstation has always provided to the gamer the most satisfying game play.  Playstation 4 provides gamers with ease of access, simplicity and control, over the content and their experiences.   PS4 is expected not only to satisfy gamers, but vastly exceed the expectations of gamers.  The consumer focused and developer centric approach taken by Sony in designing the Playstation 4 has resulted in delivering gaming experiences that evolve and ensure that PS4 offers the best platform for play.  With the PS4 cost being cheaper than the competitor Microsoft’s Xbox One, there is no doubt which system you should pick up.  Even old Xbox alumni will and should opt to give the Playstation 4 a shot this time around!